12/07 the daily horoscope

Have you ever turned on the kitchen sink in order to fill it up to fill a cupor rinse dishes, only to forget that you left the water running? Soon enough,the sink overflows, and then you have a big mess to clean up. You may be getting sidetracked now with a goal of yours, and this is your reminder to pay closer attention to it. You have set a few things in motion, Gemini, but if you don't attend to them, you might have a mess – or perhaps simply a loss of time – on your hands. But if you get back on top of it now, you will get where you want to go.





你已经启动了一些事情,双子座,但是你不去关注它,它会一团混乱 —



Ps. 如果有误译请指教,谢谢。