12/06 Daily Horoscope

A conflict could arise today out of a minor debate surrounding a seemingly insignificant difference of opinion. Be aware of this, Leo. You happen to have apowerful sense of self and purpose, and when you attach yourself strongly to an opinion, you will defend it to the end. However, something that arises today may deserve a second look. Before you enter into a war of words, think againabout why you are doing so. There might be some room for changing your mind, which may serve you better in the end.


今天会发生一些你需要思考一下再做决定的情况,在下定决心加入战场前,再想一下你的立场,及为什么要这么做。也许会有一些让你改变想法的余地,让胜利女神最后对你微笑喔 🙂

最近天气开始变冷了,想帮家里的长辈购入暖暖器材(护腰?发热垫?泡脚桶?等等)还请热心的狮版友们帮忙推荐了 ~

如有误译还请包涵 🙂