11/11 the daily horoscope

This is a great day to expand your social circle, Gemini. Making new friends isn't something you have trouble with – you are a gregarious and interesting person with a gift for gab. But there may be someone on the fringe of your social life that you don't ordinarily talk to or engage with. This may not be someone you think you have anything in common with – but maybe this individual is far more fascinating than you realize. If someone new keeps popping up on yourhorizon, there might be a reason. This may be someone you should get to know.


结交新朋友不是一件麻烦事 — 你是一个善于交际的且有趣的人,有闲聊的天赋。


你与这个人没有什么共同之处 — 但是这个人远比你所了解的还要迷人的多。




Ps. 如果有误译请指教, 谢谢。