2023/03/27 Daily Horoscope




只要你想要的不会伤害他人,那为什么拥有崇高的目标是错的呢?如果你想要一些重要的东西 – 一个完美的家,一辆好车,努力追求成功或其他任何事情- 请记住,即使生活中充满了有时令人不快的经历,你的生活也应该是幸福和充实的。



Cancer horoscope for 星期一 3月 27

There is nothing wrong with wanting "more" in your life. As long as what you want doesn't hurt others, then why would there be anything wrong with having high aspirations? If you want something big – a perfect home, a nice car, success in your endeavors, or anything else – remember that your life should be happy and fulfilling, even if it is full of sometimes unpleasant lessons. But if you don't feel worthy of what it is you want right now, Moonchild, it's like locking the door that stands between you and what you want. Be conscious of this today, and remember that happiness is your birthright.