2022/10/26 Daily Horoscope

你不会在冬季种植花草,当然也不会在酷暑的夜晚升起篝火。虽然不是所有的事物都像前面的例子般简单明了,但凡事都有它自己适合的时机。你目前可能正在考虑开始一件你想了很久而且急着执行的新事物。为了确保获得最大的成功,你必须把握好时机,水瓶座。开始规划吧!但请等到对的时机再开始。You would not plant a garden in the cold winter months or start a ragingbonfire on the hottest night of the summer. There is a time for everything,though not everything is quite so obvious as the above examples. You may bethinking about starting something now simply because you have wanted to forsome time and the urge to do so is especially inspiring for you now. However,to ensure maximum success, Aquarius, you have to time it right. Startplanning, but wait for the right moment to begin.

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