13/03/2023~19/03/2023 Weekly Horoscope








Cancer horoscope for 3月 13 – 3月 19Someone you worked with at one time, perhaps a long time ago, may reach outto you this week. This could be about a partnership idea or perhapsencouraging you to join that person's current place of business. Either way,this could be a great idea. Be sure to ask all the questions that come tomind to be sure you are making a decision that will serve you best, dearMoonchild. You may find yourself torn this week over a friendship and amatter where you are at odds with the other person. This could be a situationwhere your friend is competing with you for something you both want. You havejust as much right to aim for this as anyone else, so don't sell yourselfshort by giving away the chance just to please your friend – a true friendwould not want it that way. Consider joining a professional organization thisweek for some networking opportunities. This could lead to a side job or to achance to learn something that will benefit you in the very near future. Youhave greater focus right now, making this a great week for dealing with acomplicated matter – legal or financial – one that you keep putting off. Getto it this week and resolve it.——————————————-