03/20 the daily horoscope

If you want something you don't have, and that unattainable "something" is the only thing you think can make you happy – then you will remain unhappy unless you get it. But if you are happy with what you have at the moment, Gemini, you will be constantly happy. This may ring true for you right now. You need totake stock of all of the blessings in your life, celebrate them, and choose to be happy. That doesn't mean you can't still reach for other things you want in your life – you certainly can. But don't let those things be your "make or break" for obtaining fulfillment and, ultimately, happiness.


只能靠想像才能让你快乐 — 那么你就会一直不快乐,除非你获得它。




那不代表你无法获得其他你想要的东西 — 你当然可以。


Ps. 如果有误译的话请指教,谢谢。