12/09 Daily Horoscope

You may wish that you could take back something you said to someone recently.You may even be thinking of trying to do just that. You may want to address that person directly and tell them that you did not mean what you said. But areyou sure that's the truth, Leo? Maybe you just feel bad that the way you feelis now out there. That could actually turn out to be a good thing – a very good thing. Before you backtrack, try to remember what led you to speak out in the first place. You may have had a very good reason, and therefore, it was a very good idea.


也许,你只是对这种伤害到别人的感觉感到不舒服,但实际上可能是一件好事也不一定。往回思考之前,试着回想一开始是什么原因让你说出这些话语;事实上,你可能才是正确的那方。这是个好点子,在把道歉说出口前,试着这样做做看吧 🙂

如有误译还请包涵 🙂