12/07 Daily Horoscope

Scorpio horoscope for 星期三 12月 7

You may have an interest or a hobby that no one else in your life shares. That means that if you choose to engage in this, you will have to do so alone – for now at least. However, Scorpio, because you don't have anyone to tag along on an adventure with, you might resist going off on your own. But if you could be brave and get out there anyway, you might find some new and interesting friends who do share what you love so much. That would at least double the pleasure!

您可能拥有一项兴趣或爱好,而你生活中没有人可以去分享。 这意味着如果你选择参与其中,你将不得不独自这样做——至少现在是这样。 然而,天蝎,因为你没有任何人可以一起冒险,你可能会拒绝自己去。 但如果你能勇敢地走出去,你可能会找到一些新的有趣的朋友,他们会分享你所爱的。 那至少会让快乐加倍!

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